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Manuel de rééducation sensitive du corps humain
Claude Spicher

Genève, Paris : Médecine & Hygiène

204 pages + 8 coloured pages

16,5 x 23,5 cm

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  • French

Manuel de rééducation sensitive du corps humain

This work, dedicated to all patients whose pain is unspoken of, places itself at the crossroad of medicine, fundamental research and re-education. It is intended for re-education therapists, physicians as well as the patients placed into their care.

This handbook on the re-education of tactile sensitivity discusses the dysfunctions of the skin sensitivity and its painful complications. If a slight loss of vibrotactile sensitivity only hampers the flow of re-education, a more important loss disables the affected body part, such as rendering it impossible for the hand to perform everyday movements or for the foot to walk. Most traumas affecting body parts alter the nerves in the skin which control our sense of touch. These micro-lesions can generate painful complications causing certain areas of the skin to be sensitive to the point of sometimes depriving their victim of sleep.

Claude Spicher's considerable clinical experience authorizes him to offer a practical manual concerning the rehabilitation of the cutaneous senses. However, his undertaking, remarkable as it is in many respects, caused him to seek the very foundations of his hospital practice within the fundamental knowledge generated by Research.

JP Roll, PhD
Professor of Human Neurobiology at
University of Provence, Marseille,

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