Somatosensory Rehabilitation Network

Handbook for Somatosensory Rehabilitation
Spicher, Claude

Montpellier, Paris :

Sauramps Médical

199 pages

15,8 x 24,0 cm

Available language:

  • English

Handbook for Somatosensory Rehabilitation

This Handbook for Somatosensory Rehabilitation is dedicated to all patients whose pain is unspoken of, places itself at the crossroads of medicine, fundamental research and rehabilitation. It is intended for physicians, neuroscientists, therapists in all disciplines as well as the patients they care for.

This work presents clinical tools developed starting from the 19th century until today. Four of these tools make it possible to establish a Diagnostic Testing of Axonal Lesions, which in turn reveal undetectable lesions in the cutaneous axons of the whole body. These various clinical tools enable the decrease of the Perception Pressure Threshold and simulaneously the relieving of neuropathic pain syndrome or complex regional pain syndrome.

Claude Spicher has  written a scholarly, enlightening book that is visually fun to read, and yet a challenge to the intellect. This handbook was carefully written with love, as it represents the culmination of more than two decades of his clinical work. His handbook is full of practical techniques to help patients with peripheral nerve problems. Therapists in all disciplines will learn from studying this material.

A Lee Dellon, MD
Professor of Plastic Surgery and Neurosurgery at
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine & University of Maryland, Baltimore
University of Arizona, Tucson