Somatosensory Rehabilitation Network

Rehazenter (Grand-Duché de Luxembourg)


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Political, medical and community stakeholder involvement has led to the opening of the brand new Functional Rehabilitation and Reeducation National Center, named REHAZENTER, in February 2007 on the Kirchberg facility aiming to become a Centre of Excellence within the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Greater Region.

REHAZENTER is a specialized post-acute care hospital facility, with the main purpose of functional rehabilitation and re-adaptation of people from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Greater Region who suffered an accident during their lives, providing  both inpatient and outpatient care services.

The diversity of its technical equipment, an interdisciplinary approach and specific tools and techniques make up the appeal of REHAZENTER, which enables it to be a centre for rehabilitation training and science and clinical research programmes.


AGNESKIS Evangelia

AGNESKIS Evangelia