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Curriculum Vitae

In 2004, Claude Spicher, founded the Somatosensory Rehabilitation Centre of the human body at the Clinique Générale in Fribourg, Switzerland. He is scientific collaborator for the Unit of Physiology at the University of Fribourg (Prof. E.M. Rouiller) as well as the editor-in-chief of the e-News for Somatosensory Rehabilitation - #eNewsSomatosens. He awarded the hand therapist certificate of the Swiss Society for Hand Therapy and is a member of the society since its foundation. As occupational therapist, he has made about three hundred communications in Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium, USA and Canada and has published articles in several internationally renowned publications as:

Packham, T., Spicher, C.J., MacDermid, J.C., Michlovitz, S., Buckley, D.N. (2018) Somatosensory rehabilitation for allodynia in CRPS of the upper limb: a cohort study. J Hand Ther, 31(1), 10-19.

Available (7th of December 2018) :

A new treatment protocol was used in an uncontrolled consecutive cohort with long-standing CRPS associated allodynia, consisting of 48 individuals. The treatment protocol was based on somatosensory rehabilitation (SSR) during mean 81 days that focus on; 1) minimizing evocation of pain by temporarily limiting touch of the painful zone, 2) short frequent sessions of distant vibrotactile stimulation using rabbit fur or fleece, and 3) application of therapeutic vibration in the same areas but in longer session and with a vibrating equipment. To avoid painful stimuli an occupational therapist assisted to identify sources of evoked pain and helped to develop strategies to avoid stimulation and provocative tasks until resolution of the allodynia. Prof Birgitta Rosén, PhD, OT (Sweden)