Somatosensory Rehabilitation Network

Continuous Education

11/13/2017 to 11/16/2017
1st PART NeuroPain Rehab (Day 1 to Day 4) - Observation of live treatments
Eva Létourneau (Canada) & Claude J Spicher (Switzerland)
09/18/2017 to 09/21/2017
2nd PART NeuroPain Rehab (Day 5 to Day 8) - to get the title of CSTP
Rebekah Della Casa & Claude J Spicher
09/19/2016 to 09/22/2016
SOLDED OUT Amsterdam 105th course for somatosensory rehabilitation of pain
Eva Létourneau & Claude J Spicher
02/08/2016 to 02/11/2016
100th Course for Somatosensory Rehabilitation of Neuropathic Pain
C.J. Spicher & E. Létourneau
Clinical Anatomy: Hand Surgery & Neurosciences
G. Kohut, P. Freund